Welcome to SpaceBuzz,

SpaceBuzz was conceived and developed by a team of enthusiastic professionals: dreamers, thinkers, designers, doers and the daredevils. First you need the dreamers: people who come up with an idea. Then the thinkers – the people who further develop the plans. The doers ensure that it gets off the ground in reality. And the daredevils? They invest their resources because they believe in the future.

SpaceBuzz is an educational program for students at the age of 9 to 12 and is based on an astronaut's mission training. Students are prepared as a crew in the classroom for their space journey, gradually discovering space, Earth, nature, and technology. Once this training is successfully completed, the SpaceBuzz comes to the school. SpaceBuzz is a rocket vehicle over fifteen meters long, equipped with the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Onboard, students travel with Commander André Kuipers to space. There, they experience the overview effect through the eyes of an astronaut. They see Earth as a blue oasis of life in a black, inhospitable universe. From launch to the spectacular landing, the mission with SpaceBuzz feels lifelike.

Today you can experience this 'overview effect' yourself. Step in and become an astronaut!

Instructions: Select your flight time, after registering you will receive a confirmation email that will give you access to SpaceBuzz during the event.

On behalf of DLR and SpaceBuzz: Enjoy the flight!



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